A remarkably compelling creation of nature that concludes anything that ventures into it. A black hole is formed when massive stars collapse under their gravity and to consider how the object left behind would behave. HEY THERE IT’S IRIS, I have been an admirer of Stephen hawking for as long as I can remember, andContinue reading “HOLE”


I was looking outside filming every moment for my story, beautiful life, and lovely songs. A road trip how cool and amusing will that be. Everyone is in a lockdown and I am feeling the air on the highway with smooth roads and no traffic at all. Indeed, Life is a picnic and a celebration.Continue reading “A JUXTAPOSE”


Part of a mourning dove I was,She flapped her wings,Forsake me in no time,I’m useless now, I thought,Coming to an end is all I’ve got Flowing with the winds,Searching ways to end,Landed on a balcony,Saw a man hitting his wife,Pointless I felt, couldn’t save her life,Nothing she said like it’s her fate,Stop! I protested heContinue reading “THE LONG JOURNEY”


Few years ago, I developed a keen interest on the topic of Time Travel after reading a book called ‘Time Machine’ by H.G Wells. Once we start thinking about travelling through time, it tends to capture our heart and mind in fascination of its possibility and what if we can do it for ourselves! HEYContinue reading “SPECIAL RELATIVITY OF LIFE”


In my 21 years of existence I have seen things, known things ,it’s astonishing how we know it all but still don’t. HEY THERE IT’S IRIS, I was wondering what it was like seeing the world from above, to see every human being from far above the ground level , surprisingly imagining this sight wasContinue reading “VEIL ON OUR FACES”