This beautiful, warm, and welcoming town in Switzerland was where the sun shone brighter, nights felt calmer, and that snow was the most beautiful thing you could ever see. The people made that town what it was and, of course, the mesmerizing scenic beauty. Though that town wasn’t the fanciest, it still had everything to have internal peace. The town sang beautiful stories of friendships, relations, and bonds that never broke, making a magical aura enticing every tourist to visit that town and see what it offers.

Hey, there It’s Iris,
Today I want to share one of the stories from that town in Switzerland—a tale of friendship.
This story is about two girls, Mickey and Diana.

Let’s try to know Mickey first. A young, enthusiastic girl with dreams as big as the ocean, you will often find her daydreaming. She saw the world differently, and that was her beauty. She was new in town. A younger sibling, reckless and unrestrained. Freedom made her happy, and that cold rain shower thrilled her.
Mickey and Diana were neighbors, but they hardly met each other and were nothing but acquaintances for a long time. They usually met in town gatherings and only got to talk a little. But they always looked at each other and smiled— and it was always genuine.

One year passed, and that Sunday evening was tranquil for some reason. Diana decided to take her dog Jojo on a walk. Jojo was Diana’s baby, her most precious being on this planet.
Oh, I just remembered that I had to tell you about Diana. So, Diana…She was a lovely, pleasant, and genuine girl, a nurturer by her very nature. She always knew how to give and never expected anything in return. She felt too profoundly and got hurt too quickly, but it was her. She tried to change but just couldn’t. Now she is at peace and happy to feel the way she does. It gave her purpose. A purpose that is other than oneself.

The sunset felt warmer that day, and she walked with Jojo.
It was a typical day until Jojo decided to run towards that wide main road that connected the city with the country’s capital. Diana couldn’t stop Jojo and was screaming at the top of her lungs, looking towards a truck so close, and it was apparently too far by the Time to notice or hear her. Mickey was on the other side, saw she was closer and could still make it before Diana. Jojo was a toy pom, which was hardly noticeable because the truck driver had not stopped before. Whatever it was, the point was that someone needed to save Jojo, and Mickey decided to jump in so that the driver stopped.. waving her hand toward the driver while he was driving at full speed. She risked her life for that little thing.
It worked! The truck driver stopped just so near them. Mickey took a big sigh of relief and looked towards Diana.

Diana looked at her in tears smiling and ran to hug her. “It’s okay said,” Mickey. They held each other.
And always stayed.

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Since that day, their friendship has grown and become so strong. They started doing everything together, and slowly with Time, the relationship aged into a precious bond. They said you can find soul mates in a sister from another mother, and both knew they believed in it. It was a kind of friendship where they knew what they wanted without telling each other, felt each other’s pain, and were always genuinely happy for each other. A rare find in today’s world, something to cherish. Something to keep.
July 19th was Mickey’s birthday, and before the birthday party, like always, they decided to spend time with each other before getting into the gathering. Standing near that silent lake near the town, the girls looked towards the night stay with enchanting stars, making beautiful patterns and twinkling in their innocence. “I want to be one of the stars,” said Mickey. We would be one day, Diana assured, promising they would go to a big city together and all they need to do is work hard enough.

Being from a small town, They had no privileges they were born with. They had to make their own destiny and were ready for it. They knew they could only change their reality and were willing.
Like always.

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They worked hard to save enough money doing multiple odd jobs daily while finding Time to study for the entrance exams. They got into a good college that could have been a portal to their new life in the city. And finally, they were standing in front of the same lake with an offer letter in their hand, and this time, they felt like a star in the daylight.
There was just one problem, though, they got a different location. It will never be a problem, love, said Diana. “Of course, we got each other,” said Mickey.
With a vision in their eyes, they were delighted that they would finally live their dream and get everything they wanted.

It was stabling to know that they have each other for support throughout this journey. It gave them a sense of calm and assurance. And even though they couldn’t meet each other daily, they had a time set for a video call every day. Knowing they were there was enough, and it was indeed.
Every second Saturday, they set a coffee ritual. An unsaid promise to meet each other and sit at the same table on the rooftop at 6 pm, seeing the sun gently kiss the horizon and release mesmerizing colors, painting the sky pink, green, yellow, and orange at the same time. Somewhere near the golden hour, opening its heart to the night sky. Just like they used to, this time in front of the city of their dreams.
You know how life becomes when you finally join the rat race, right?
Complex emotions peak, and you realize more about yourself than ever. You unlearn so much about what you felt to be the reality, and you finally realize that there is no one for you but just you. But amidst all this, life becomes so much easier when you have that one person you can call an exception. Your soul mate is a friend who helps you through all hardships, smiling, laughing, and making life worthwhile, effortlessly giving the championship we all crave.

Those few hours in the rose cafe were enough to keep them sane. They both waited to get over the hectic week and finally met each other for some quality time.

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Like it does, Time played its game, and slowly and gradually, these dates started getting canceled because Mickey was too busy even for the calls. Being her good friend, Diana understood every Time and hoped that Mickey would come and meet her soon when she would want to laugh, rant and cry again. Telling stories of that hot guy in the neighborhood, the never-ending stories of the office, or how much she misses her parents from back home.

Around mid of September that year, Diana sent a heartfelt voice note to her friend Mickey telling her how much she missed her, looking towards the sunset that day with a sinking feeling in her heart and tears in her eyes. Maybe, this one meant more than any other in the line, but just like all other voicemails, this one found its way into the queue just like that. Waiting to be heard. Heard soon.

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Mickey was out of town for a two-week business trip, and she never bothered to hear the messages for that Time. Being the reckless one she is, she never thought much of it and decided to listen to them one day when she was home. But she got busy again and completely forgot.
Looking towards the beautiful sky from an open window in her kitchen, Mickey got sometime to relax. She finally went through her voicemails six months after returning back,
Hey Mick, it is me!
Said this voice mail.
Diana called her Mick and was the only person who called her that.

Mickey felt a rush of emotions inside her, almost like she is about to break down in tears craving that one hug from her friend. I have been so lost in the hustle, screamed the tears rolling in her eyes.
She heard Diana’s voicemail and realized how much she missed her friend. Laughing with her hearing the funny stories of her life.
Ahh, what happened to me? She thought to herself and called her right away.
It was a man.

What’s your name, dear?

It’s Mickey, and who am I talking to? I have called Daina?

Mickey? Asked the man.

Yes, it is me. Who is this? Mickey questioned in surprise.

I am Diana’s neighbor, a deep aged voice replied.
I am sorry that we lost her in the operation last week. She was strong and tried her best to survive, but there was too much bleeding.

Mickey physically felt like someone has thrown a massive rock at her heart. Oh shit, I can’t breathe, responded Mickey.

Sit anywhere near you and try to take deep breaths said that man in concern.

She grabbed a chair by the table and gently sat, holding her head in despair, absorbing what she had just heard or at least tried to.

What do you mean by operation? What happened to her? , Diana, if that’s you pranking, then it is not funny, she said in disbelief.

She had an accident, and the doctors tried to get her through it for two days, but the injuries were too severe, and we lost her; I am sorry. She tried her best to survive. She was a warrior.

What do you mean, was. Huh? What is happening? Is this real?

That man suggested she not go out for the day and rest and just call him on his number in case she needed something. That man courteously gave her his number, telling her it would take time but would be okay.

The sun was setting, and Mickey looked towards the sky from the glass door that opened to her balcony, sitting on that chair. It has always been the sunsets, Daina, but today there is no color in the sky. Never will be. She thought to herself.

The thought that it was the last time they met was the last time they ever met haunted her giving her a life lesson a very, very hard way.
She started thinking of the last day they met. Thinking of everything about that day, what she wore, what she said, what she ordered. A picture, yes, there is a picture. They took a picture together that day. She opened her gallery to see that picture and cried in grief, feeling terrible for not knowing about her death and being a good friend.

The picture from her gallery

Just when she thought of the people she loves and cares for and the possibility of loosing them one day.
That day, she decided to meet them all like she was meeting them for the last Time.
Starting from everyone back home to that cleaning lady in her office. She hugged them so tight, telling them they meant something to her. Completely and totally present in the moment with them, taking a picture with them in the end.

Appreciating and being grateful for everyone in her life.
After meeting everybody, that Saturday evening, she dressed to go to the cafe this Time.
Sitting at the same table, smiling at the pictures with her loved ones that she has taken over this Time. Recalling all the bitter and sweet memories with them.
It was the last picture with her friend, her sister. She was seeing that picture just when the two coffees that she ordered also arrived.

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Taking a sip, she watched the sun go down with Diana for one last Time.

6 thoughts on “ONE LAST TIME

  1. Beautiful…one definitely needs to cherish every moment with loved ones because you never know when it will be the last…


  2. Hey Lavanya! This is one of the best stories which I have ever read. Keep it up! Someday I might approach you for the rights as I am a filmmaker. Keep publishing the good stuff!

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