It was a summer evening; Martha and Alia, two best friends, had the best summer break.
They used to do everything together; both the girls were into football, so they had to join the club, and it was the best decision they could make. It was a two months camp with a district-level tournament for all the teams towards the end. The best part was that if they get selected, they will represent their city and end up in the Nationals. Little did they know; things were about to change unexpectedly.

After one month of hard training, the time of finals was almost near. Both the girls were riding their bicycles on the usual route.

Suddenly a truck came towards them at a weird speed; the driver was anxious and hasty. He shouted; the breaks had failed, but the lane was extremely narrow. Both girls hardly had a few seconds to react, they managed to get to the corner most portion of that way to not get hit by that vast truck, but their legs came into the course.

Martha’s left leg was injured miserably, and Alia’s right leg stopped responding after the injury. A man nearby managed them to a nearby hospital. When they opened their eyes, they had plastered all over their foot.

Hey, there It’s Iris,

We often end up in situations where there seems to be no way to escape. We curse the universe for letting that happen to us and accept it as our fate. There are multiple instances where we find ourselves trapped or lost due to occurrences; we have no control over.

These things don’t have to be big or small; unknowingly, we encounter multiple instances where we find ourselves caught. It is elementary to gather negative energies around us and let our inner system facilitate it at that time, but it’s never the answer. Doing this only magnifies our pain and makes it worse than it was, which we don’t want, so, for once, the question is what to do?

After the operation, Martha and Alia were devasted to see their fate. Both the girls tried to understand what had happened to them and what followed. It is never easy to think of what has happened, accept it, and move on. It took a lot of courage to get where they ended up.

Martha used to cry and mourn, laying down on the bed next to Alia, knowing that she won’t be able to walk for another three months. But on the other hand, Alia started reading books on spiritual healing and affirmations. It changed her mind and thought process. She used to say that “I am exactly where I am supposed to be,” and suddenly, there felt no reason to mourn or remorse over the incident.

Martha was surprised at Alia’s mindset, and she thought that her friend had gone mad after the incident; hence, she is talking about these weird theories. But, whenever Martha said anything, Alia kept quiet and listened to her without needing to explain anything to her because it was only her who felt the magic it made on her.
Eventually, both the girls were trained to move their legs. But, Martha always said, “What will ever happen in these three weeks? I will have to live with this. It is such a waste of time.”
On the other hand, Alia promised to strengthen herself, which she eventually became. For example, she used affirmations like, “I am not weak, this is just a small injury, I will heal in no time and make it to the game.”

Alia’s progress was far more than Martha’s daily, even though her condition was more severe than Martha’s. Everyone in the hospital was surprised and called it a miracle, while that miracle was inside her heart, in the deepest of her conscious. Alia learned the art of tricking her subconscious mind unconsciously.

First, she used affirmations by will and tricked her cautious mind into it. Then, once that was achieved, her unconscious mind started inculcating positive affirmations inside her head.
That’s exactly how we train our minds to stay positive at all times. Of course, as per critics, being optimistic about everything is staying far away from reality, but the truth is, we humans underestimate the power of our subconscious minds.
We are a product of what we feed to our subconscious minds unconsciously, and that is precisely why some people stay determined to their goals and achieve them while others take a u-turn in between seeing the road ahead.

Determination and persistence with a strong attitude are fundamentals of staying consistent while achieving positivity through affirmations.
The road is never easy, and distractions are a part of the journey, but when you know what you want, then it’s easy to let go of all hurdles in the form of negative people or testing situations because your brain signals that it is affecting your purpose.

It’s funny how we spend so many hours worrying about what we think through our conscious mind but ignore the great force that drives it all. Experts say that the subconscious mind can be up to a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.
We hear things like “Dream of the stars is when you reach the moon” or “Believe and it will happen.” We tend to take such lines as motivational quotes, but we ignore the reason behind them.

As a person, I have experienced its magic over my life when things have hit rock bottom, and so I advocate this technique to become the master of your own life and your fate because it’s no one but you who decides it. Just like Alia and Martha did, as a result, at 10 A.M on the matchday, Alia played and won the football game with her incredible team while Martha was getting ready for her next physiotherapy session with the same mindset as before.

Our subconscious is the source of our beliefs and limitations quite literally. They limit us from achieving success in any sphere of life and attaining happiness. Our naïve brain takes these limiting thoughts as facts, and our subconscious accepts them while applying them in our daily life while they are only a part of our imagination. Eventually, we lose grip of our life, and our limiting beliefs become our ground reality.

So, now when your past or future limits your being,
Come to the present, have faith
And tell yourself, I Believe.


  1. Very motivational. It energized me too after a very tiring day and when I was thinking, would I ne living my life like this forever.



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