A friend he was when he came into my life,
weird it was we never talked in life,
talking to him was never a task,
it was like we knew each other for ages we hit off on any possible thing you can ask,

meeting him felt like the calm of when the sun hits the dusk,
he felt at home in a city full of chaos,
He became the best time of my day giving my story a different tangent,
it was effortless,
It was the best thing you could imagine,

it never required time,
even ten minutes of conversation was enough to instill peace in my mind,
It was slow .. it was written that way,
We all deserve this friendship I will pray,

It took a hundred hurdles to stand upright,
knowing what is wrong and what is right,
nevertheless, it was meant to be that way,
‘Maktub’ as they call it,
it was destiny as they say,

some people go, some people stay,
he taught me what I want from myself, what I can do, and what I will today,

He knew what I wanted, what I was thinking even when I didn’t utter a word,
I lived a bit more than I ever did with a friend who made me love myself,

there are ties we let go of, and there are bonds that stay,
In all the uncertainties one thing I am sure of still,
I got a bond to look up to,
a tale to tell.

True friends are those who lift you up, when no one else even noticed you were down.

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