A few days ago, I saw a little pup walking on a rocky street. That little creature was too small for the rocks on the way so he kept on falling as the huge rocks continued coming on his way which was behind his comprehension, maybe that poor thing thought they are doing it on purpose so sometimes he stood on the road and wondered something in deep silence but that didn’t stop him from standing up again, wagging his tail and moving on in his melody.

He fell again and again and every time he started walking again, till he eventually, started enjoying the road, that’s when he began avoiding the rocks, he understood which way he was meant to go to come to a point where he can avoid the rocks and that’s exactly when he started running in a fast pace to ultimately reach his parents who were expecting him at that side of the street.
In the end, he was playing with his brother and sisters happier than ever and that beautiful sight will be captured in my consciousness forever.

Hey there Its Iris,
Time tells time heals, time gives you lessons you have never known.
We have heard about this, we all know this but somewhere and sometimes, it’s very hard to understand this extremely simple logic.
We underestimate the power of time, what happens in our life and why exactly it happens the way it does because we are too impatient to understand the power of what’s above us all.

Today through this post I intend to express a very important lesson,
Trust me, it’s not only you, but we all have also been there at some point in our life and it’s all for a reason, at its own unique pace.
I have seen a lot of things happening with me, around me, with people and I never understood why is the world the way it is, why are people the way they are or what can I ever learn from these experiences which affect me so deeply and no one ever knows about it.

Going up the steep hill, one must know that it’s easy to take one wrong step and fall back but there is another thing that we often forget is that we now know the exact place to not go which increases our chances of standing on the highest peak a little longer or maybe, discover the right way to stand there firmly till the sun finally kisses the dusk while we enjoy the sunset with peace, content, and love in our hearts.

People and experiences are complex and there are times we feel they are the way we thought them to be, we think they feel the way we do only because we had real intentions behind our actions. Walking that path with that little puppy, I have learned lessons the hard way myself while always trying to stay true to my identity in the most difficult circumstances.

It’s not easy to realize these things and maybe age doesn’t define when you truly understand them, but the real way to learn these lessons is only if we are true to ourselves because then we can see things, perspectives, people, and experiences through an unfiltered lens which is of our own.

Then two and two joins together and make sense entirely, almost like it was meant to be that way. Maktub, like Paola, has put it beautifully is the faith, that it is all written and everything that happens to you is a part of your destiny.

There was a time I used to question myself, who I am and why things are the way they are with me in certain aspects of life but falling every time like that little pup, I went back up and learned a lesson every time, from people, from experiences and most importantly from myself.
It’s never easy to be true to your character in a circus-like this where people play characters, they have been made to play but it’s important for realization and realization is not everyone’s cup of tea.

As I started linking things…dots and pieces and timings of a lot of occurrences in my life which a typical person can just sit and rant about, I came to a point where it all made sense, all that happened with me made sense, all that happens to me still makes sense and I am enjoying the process of falling and standing right back up because it was meant to be this way.

It’s not just an ordinary person like me, but even the greatest of legends who advocate the pace of failures and cherish them as learning, Micheal Jordan when he talks about failures, quotes it very rightly and says that ” I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions, I have been entrusted to take the winning shot, and I missed it. I have failed over and over and over in life, and that’s why I succeed.”

Our universe works in unique ways, it makes us fall when we are meant to fall to make us learn what we are meant to know at that point in life.
So, the Next time you wonder that,

Is it just how life is or it’s a phase,
Move forward and enjoy the pace.

See beyond the failure, because you never know the next best step is waiting right afterIris

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