This blog is as simple as anything can ever be.
Nothing fancy, no underlinings, just pure love.

A mother’s love.
The kind of love that can get you back to your childhood even when you have passed your 40s, the love that reminds you of the earthy smell of rain, the love as comforting as the smell of marshmallows and the rusty smokes on a cold winter night.
It’s amazing how I can go on and on with these examples but it can never be enough, so now I leave the comfort of your mother’s affection to your symbolic representation.

Hey There Its Iris,
So today it’s about your Mother.
The relation is an emotion in itself.
Not to sound very dramatic, it’s the only thing you will ever need in your life.
For me, my relation with my mother has been sweet and savory, mixed with a few spices here and there.

Regardless, it stays, the warmth stays despite what happens, you love your mother and she loves you back every day in her unique ways.
Some you will understand, some you won’t.
Nonetheless, she will always be looking at you smiling whenever you come back home with that meal she can’t have without you.

Recently, I got severely sick and was home for treatment, the tenure taught me a lot of things, I was and I am grateful for all I have learned during that time.
Little did I know, a major lesson was yet to knock on my doorstep which I am sharing hoping it will help you appreciate or relive the vastest blessing of life.

After the longest days I have experienced, I was hoping to get the right blood test results to be able to see my dog and feel the satisfaction of home.
I remember the day I was back, I wanted to treat myself with a kinder joy because I heard it tastes amazing, there was a toy inside. A little girl with armors.
I never thought much of it, It kept on falling on the dining table where it was kept on for the duration I was fully recovered to go back to my college in another city.
A month later, I was home for vacation and while dusting the shelves I saw that girl on the rack standing tall as ever,
I stood looking at it for a while,

Getting teary-eyed, not only because the girl is now strong

but most importantly it was my mother’s love is why she decorated that little plastic doll with the beautiful antique pieces on her shelf.

It can sound like a small incident but for me, it was a reminder that there was and will always be an I Love You in every scolding she makes.
This kind of love is rare and paradoxically just back home to find.

I still don’t understand a lot of things she says or does but you know what?
Just like me,
Now go back home without needing to understand her,
just kiss her cheek, hug her tight and say
I love You because that’s what she has been waiting to hear all her life.

I love you mom.

6 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU

  1. Very well expressed lavanya.. Mother’s love is indeed inexpressible…Way to go…. Kudos to your writing skills…keep it up!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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