Samantha has been living in Boston all her life, she was raised like an average kid in her area.
Her mother and father loved and protected her as any other parent would. They always kept her safe in this little cocoon in which she was comforted, totally unaware of the realities of life and people. She spent 18 years of her life like that, totally unaware of what’s next to come.

Finally, she converted to the college of her dreams and it was time for her to leave, going to New York City away from her parents for the first time was a big change in her life.
She was trying to cope and faced multiple backlashes along the way, she was still figuring things out on how to live in this world. Whom to trust and whom not to? How to react and when not to? What can something mean and why are people the way they are?

All these doubts, confusions, and questions affected her mental being to an extent where she felt she isn’t ready for this world.
The only question she had all the time was, How are people the way they are and why they can’t be the way she wants them to be?

Hey there Its Iris,
I’m sure most of you could relate to Samatha’s story, some might be in this process and some might be over this stage.

Regardless, we all at some point in our life face people and life like it is, trying to put on a face for the world while there goes a rush of emotions deep inside where only you stay.

Recently, I went past this position, after numerous experiences and learnings, getting almost mechanical to survive it through.
Somehow my answer is a little different from what you might think it will be, so here I am sharing it hoping to benefit you today, tomorrow, or sometime later again.

When I was fed up with my situation on various fronts it made me question the reality of everything and like we say god helps you when you want to be helped, I happened to come across a saying by this very famous American screenwriter and novelist Charlie Kaufman that ‘Everything I’ve written is personal, its the only way I know how to write.’
To back it up, a person I shared my problems with put on the inspiration I needed to share my true learning, which can help anyone who struggles to find a way through life right now.

Just like Charlie writes movies on his life, the truth is that our life is a Screenplay too.

Think about it, from being born in Boston, to getting her way to New York City, to ultimately coming to a point where Samantha is questioning life itself, and to arriving at a quest to find the answer. How can it be a mere coincidence or even her choice? When we look at all the past events standing far away all under one umbrella, then it becomes easier to accept that it’s just a part of a pre-written screenplay of life.

For those of you who don’t know, A Screenplay is the script of a film, including acting instructions and scene directions. It’s like a blueprint of how a movie will look like as a whole.

To give a clear perspective, think of people around you as actors in this movie with eventful turns which are all written in the screenplay. While going through a hustle myself, I realized we all are a part of this never-ending play and all of us have struggled to cope with the designed document engraved by what’s above us all.

Just like an actor, we are also provided a script, a screenplay, and a role but what makes us different is how we set our equation with the characters around us, how we add our touch in everything we do, and how we play our role.
What’s written is written but we never lose the influence on how we want to make it all look like, what is our story, and what is our purpose is in this performance.

When we understand that life is just a screenplay then we detach our expectations from every character around us and acknowledge that, they are meant to be where they are right now and do exactly what’s written for them to do.

Trust me accepting this fact is half the battle won and the impact will be on improving your mental being to begin with.

You will tend to get more mature in your analysis of being and recognize that every individual is different and is meant to be the way they are, they certainly have no control over it and neither do you have.

When you be present on that stage at that moment then you realize a blind man’s point of view, who has never seen anything all his life, that there is nothing inside which he could see just black and grey shadows.
You discern that what matters is when you don’t look into yourself, but when you look out to lose yourself and live.

Samantha doesn’t like where she is at right now and maybe she wants to set free but the good news is that, she now knows how to appreciate her life, the screenplay.

So, when you find it hard to cope this time,
Recall it’s a huge screenplay and we all are acting life.

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