This post is very personal and a lesson that I will remember for life. I am here to share because I believe that this understanding will benefit you in some way or the other.
Quite recently I shared a blog article titled, Our Hamlet, addressing how life is a straight line with no reason at all. While I respect those who approve of that perspective,
I felt dissatisfied feeling what it felt
It didn’t feel like Iris.

So, I couldn’t help but share this experience with you and how it shaped my perspective about what happiness is all about. I am sharing this experience because instantly I recognize that if I can deal with it then a lot of you could be facing it too. It’s an interesting experience that will always remain close to my heart because it gave me the real definition of happiness.

Hey, There it’s Iris,
Once there lived, Iqbal and Ibraham two brothers who dwelled in the slums located in the outskirts of the capital city. They were rag pickers but they preferred being addressed, wastage manager. I know you must be wondering, that where did they learn this term from, apparently a waste manager toured the site once a month, they saw them calling him that, ‘we are also doing the same work’, thought Ibraham, since then they were the new waste managers in the slum. They were so proud of it.

Talking about being proud, their home was like a shed made out of huge plastic paper and a lot of sticks leveled to give structure to that place. It was decent than maximum households in Shabad. Living in a family of five, their family got enough to manage a meal every day.
After all the struggles, they were still so happy.

If we go by Google, then happiness simply means a state of being happy, and being happy is when we feel a state of pleasure or contentment. I wonder if happiness is so easy then why do we struggle to find it?
The answer is because we raised a question in the first place.
It’s not complicated but we make it.

There are numerous theories on being happy from ikigai to a legit equation on happiness by Neil Pasricha. Everyone is trying to discover happiness while it has constantly been there within us.
The main problem that we face is finding that happiness that is waiting to illuminate our spirit.

After my previous blog, I didn’t feel fulfilled in what I wrote, it felt empty and something was lacking in my content. I kept on reflecting on what was requiring which made me speculate the blog post furthermore and delivered me distress rather than happiness.

The answer was Hope.
It needed possibility.
And hope is the sole greatest aspect that unifies this world concurrently into one happy place.
To those of you who think that Iqbal and Ibraham were happy in what they had, then it is not true. They were cheerful because they had hope that they will prosper into something better than what they are today, they were expecting to receive a feed every day, they were satisfied that they have shed on their head to fight seasons, and greatest of all they were happy to live another day being that hopeful.
That’s what kept them optimistic, Hope.
Maybe I wasn’t feeling it myself, I battled to find inspiration for hope.
Just like all of us do at some point in life. We spend hours, searching for that one instant to hold on to that we can call hopeful.

Finally, I realized that the moment I opened my eyes that day I was grateful for this life, and during breakfast, I was satisfied that I was able to fulfill my hunger, looking at my parents and my dog that evening I felt a sense of relief and comfort of a valuable presence around me, and unknowingly there come to pass so many events throughout the day, which extended hope in some shape or form while I was foolishly looking for that defining moment every minute. No minute defines hope, it is there and it grows.
It unfolds with you, for you, and around you. You just get too used to it, to notice it around.

At that moment, I realized that I have been feeling hopeful throughout the day, every day and this is the inspiration of my blog today because this mere realization made me joyous. I feel happy while sharing this experience with you because it is hopeful and it ascertains the very foundation of our existence.
We just need to know that hope lives inside and around us all.
We struggle to find it, just like I did. Just like anybody else would. There are gloomy times in life where it feels like a dead-end.
Nevertheless, we must know that,
Hope is happiness
Happiness is Hope.

And when you are busy finding it everywhere
It’s right there inside you, in here.

10 thoughts on “A LESSON

  1. Hi Lavanya just I red your interesting column. It is very nice and written by beautiful thoughts. Yes where is hope, their is faith, and way to sort out the things. Don’t foeget where is problem start solution is already available their.

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  2. That’s amazing blog. Happiness can be find every bit of work. Everyone has their different perspective to find happiness, so why there is the need of perspective that is the main question. Lavanya your blog is great as well as the story. Hope people does not have any perspective to be happy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Lavanya didi
    I read your column. It’s great , fabulous . I am lost for word.
    Keep it up . Wish you very best with it πŸ‘

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