Stories are a great means of learning about life and experiences, we all have our own little story of life which we experience day in and out . We are the hero of our story but unknowingly the hero tends to expect fantasy and what is fantasy, is far away from the reality.

When we talk about reality, then one of the greatest works of Shakespeare is the Hamlet , when we wonder where the beauty of this play lies? It’s in its reality, it’s like a straight line of life, no conclusive ups and downs, no good or bad. Just things happen as is.  The plot represents life how it is meant to be.

On the contrary, 99% of the stories that we hear and learn from show life in an unrealistic light setting unreasonable expectation of having conclusive endings , where we find ourselves incapable of finding reasons, good or bad.

Think about it, do we actually know enough about life that we know what the good news is and the bad news is?

Hey there it’s Iris,

As we all know that Novel Corona Virus is a global pandemic which has tested everyone on another level altogether, it is a story which will live till the very end of human existence. But unlike all stories, this story gives us a lesson to not believe in reasons. After giving a deep thought I understand that there necessarily doesn’t have to be a purpose behind everything, and maybe we find a purpose in all that happens till the end of our time.

We find basis and say it happened for a cause because we have some hope to reason that whatever is happening , is happening for something good.

We do so because as long as we live we will want to assume that we are special and somehow the universe has a plan it weaves with every happening. 

Every time you said that it had a reason, it was because the events that followed made you believe that you can shape your understanding of what happened and why,

But the truth is that, there is no reason.

It’s just us, trying to live our way through life. 

This Virus won’t go away until we actually do what’s needed to finish it off entirely, no fate or destiny can save mankind and it’s all our actions in some form or another which have caused it hence, it’s only the actions we choose to do which can push it away to never come back.

It’s like everything is grey, no blacks or whites. All the blacks are mixed with the whites and all the whites are combined with the blacks.

I mean, think about the times you have experienced events to ultimately affirm yourself that it has all happened for a reason which will eventually be for the good. It’s a good way to convince yourself and keep yourself hopeful but somewhere, we mistake our hamlet to be the beauty and the beast.

I understand that what I am trying to convey can sound unreasonable and for that, I’d suggest you to read about Kurt Vonnegut analysis, his books never over exaggerated situations, characters or plots and stayed true to what life really is which acts like a learning of life rather than a fictional plot. His analysis is important for us to understand because our perception is in the hands of what we are fed.

We don’t need to be hopeless, instead accept that our life is a straight line, we grow and progress in that straight line, nothing is as dramatic as these fairy tales and nothing we do has a reason.

We live because we want to, we do because we choose to and we believe because we like the very idea of something good is on our way, not because the stars and the planets care to make it happen for us.

This theory can sound negative to those who look at it that way, but if for a moment you believe that nothing has a reason, then we all stand responsible for what happens to us, what we get and what lies ahead of us. It opens room to new possibilities for those who curse their luck and a duty to maintain for those who taste fortune.

We see people experience riches to rags as a consequence of thier choices. How unfair life is some might say, that’s karma, that’s destiny others might think.

But at the end of it all,

It’s just you,

And how you shape your life.

Change doesn’t have to be conclusive, it just keeps life interesting and helps you experience more things in this monotonous line of life. It’s only you who has brought that change, and it’s only you who can make what you want to make out of it.

Don’t wait for your story to progress, don’t look for reasons and stand responsible for every decision you make

Have a purpose that in your every moment, you decide your fate.

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