Between the chaos of this world,
Misunderstood, shattered and confused
Going far away from herself , connecting the dots made no sense

Falling into a deep blue sea,
Breaking , waking , breaking with no hope,
No trust she sees ,
Just empty roads with no where to go,
They called her a troubled child,
Indeed! She was a black sheep,

Time taught her what she can be,
Endless nights of crying to sleep ,
Empty conversations ,
Questioning her identity , her believes
There came her god,
Concluding her despondency,

He developed like a fragrance she loved,
In the people she met, the places she visited, in her every thought

Breathing a bit more with every breath she took,
She heard her voice far away,
Shouting at top of her lungs,
She is her couselor, she is a warrior,
A new chapter of her life has begun,

All questions became her answers,
All sorrows shaped perspective,

Seeing the world in a different light,
She attracted people alike

She is the writer of her dreams,
Looking back with a smile on her face,
Because in the darkest of rooms ,
There was faith.

– Iris

2 thoughts on “SHE

  1. Lavanya : Very profound & Deep meaning prose. Need to read it couple of times to grasp the meaning & feelings behind each pharse.
    Keep up the great writing style. Looking forward to more Pearls.

    Liked by 1 person

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