Like every day Mia was ready for her bed time story resting on her mother’s lap facing towards her to enjoy every expression her mother made while reciting the tale. Today was a special day though, little Mia turned three, it was her first year speaking. She had become more curious, eager to learn and her brain started to develop even more, it’s a very sensitive time of her life and like any other parent her mother wanted to make most out of it. Laila decided to recite her daughter a love story this time wearing a very special necklace which was gifted to her by her husband.

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Ted and  a girl named Lisa , they met when they were very young , different but still alike, they were best friends, lovers and everything for each other from the day they met.  Eventually, they fell for each other deeply and got married. Lisa loved charm, sparkle, diamonds and royalty whereas Ted, let’s just say he was not into all this, he lived simply and valued relations above all. They matched like two pieces of a puzzle, different yet complete together. They lived in a hut, where there was love, laughter and comfort . Ted worked hard day in and out so that Lisa gets everything she ever dreamed of and never have to compromise on anything. Ever since she started dreaming, there was one thing on the top of her wish list, it was a diamond necklace, a special one with platinum carving and polished stones. She always knew where to find it, she even tried saving for it but life never allowed her to preserve it for long. She never lost hope though, ever since they were young, Ted remembered how Lisa always talked about that necklace. She said that she will be the happiest in her life when she will get to wear it. Like all her wishes, Ted heard this one too and It was Lisa’s 33rd birthday when she was 4 months family way. Ted got her a present , it was that necklace she always wanted . Lisa was the happiest person on this planet, smiling and crying with joy , the sparkle of that necklace was clearly visible on her eyes while all that time Ted admired her with a smile like his whole world is in front of him. It was a beautiful day indeed.

Two weeks passed, 21st June 2008 The sun was out but the darkness stayed , Ted slept forever and left a note for Lisa which said

‘ Dear my love , I know we couldn’t have bare the expenses so I did not inform you about the infection that was a result of a kidney that I donated. Tonight I know that I won’t wake up to your beautiful sun kissed face again. I love you and our baby to the moon and back. You know I can die for that smile, So I did. Yours , Always and forever Ted

Just when the story concluded , Mia’s little brain tried to process a perplexing thought in her naive curious mind, and she asked in her innocent voice …Is it a love story between Lisa and her necklace Mommy?

There was a silence between them which shared all the secrets, all the lies Liala deceived herself with. After 3 years of running away from the guilt finally her love story came to an ending , She looked towards the necklace today and it was nothing... just chains.

8 thoughts on “PRESENT

  1. I loved how beautifully you portray the value of relations in your blog post! I was eagerly waiting for your post and it was worth it! Looking forward to more such great content! More Power to You ♥️

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  2. Well written. However, it still is a love story of Lisa and Ted. The necklace is the symbol of Ted” s love for Lisa. I wouldn’t like to be called it a love story of Lisa and necklace . Had Lisa known of Ted’s illness her priority would have shifted and would only dream of Ted’s well being for ever. Thus it can be called a love story of Ted. By calling it as love story of Lisa and her necklace we will belittle the love of Ted for his wife.

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    1. Thank you so much Reader, I am glad that you critically analysed my story and was able to pick on cues that I left throughout the write up. It is actually Lisa and Ted’s love story because not everything is like we think of it to be. The fact that Lisa blamed herself for her husband’s death and she tried to run away from a truth that she created for herself by comforting herself with her lies shows how much she actually loved her husband and how regardless , Laila remains in her trap, even the necklace that she always wanted looked like chains to her because it was not the necklace but the person associated with it which actually made it beautiful for her. Her daughter was small and she asked what she was able to understand of what she heard , that’s again an extension to the true essence of this read. The lie that she convinced herself with was actually the real truth 😊

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  3. Hey! Thiis is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading
    through your articles. Appreciate it!


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