There are endless theories revolving around a particular concept, some may deny some may agree either way the probability of its occurrence is a definite 1. Perfect chances always remains because we make theories based on our assumptions and in the fullness of time the reality lies in one of them.


The mystery of sleep, dreams, illusions and reality are just as entrancing as any other concept that revolves around the unknown. Psychology, medicine and Science as a whole have dedicated their entire lives to solve this tedious puzzle. It appears like as time passes, there come another fascinating theory to solve the mystery of sleep and dreams.

I am sure you are aware of my inclination towards the unrevealed by now and so I have been a fan of deducing the mystery of dreams and sleep, what dreams are and where we are when we sleep. Expanding my dig on the matter, I was mildly convinced or should I say, made myself convince in a theory which can do no harm and only good. The theory suggests that our reality as we call it is a dream that we see all our lives closing our eyes somewhere in the unknown and when we die we actually transport back to THE REALITY, that some may call after life.

Why would I call my reality a dream? It’s because we build our dreams with the magic of our subconscious and conscious. Dreams are a sum total of what we surround ourselves with be it thoughts, people, energy or anything else you could name of. Believing that our reality is actually a dream, a fantasy we are in makes us the creator of how we want to see it.

I stumbled upon an inspiring story in the Reader’s digest of a lady from Asia who was a teacher and lived in a dead marriage for nine long years. She left her husband and got to know that he has been cheating on her after seven months of divorce. She desperately wanted to create her own identity and start over , so she took a big leap and went to New York City with two duffel bags and not a single friend and family member in sight. Moving to the states,she started working in social media for big brands like Yahoo!, Duane Reade and Moët. She remarried an amazing man . You are in control of your own fate she says! I call it driving your own dream.

Just think about the limitless possibilities we can generate just by surrounding ourselves with the right system to obtain it. That means you are an architect of your life with a blue print you want to choose.

Remember how we all “dream” about something as stupid as being a superhero? Well, the good news is you can be one in the reality, as we call it if you believe and input sufficiently then you are a superhero because at the end it’s all a dream. A beautiful dream we call life, some of us can even have nightmares at times but never wakeup to the afterlife scared to face it further instead fight it back remembering the good phases of your dream knowing there is a lot more to come.

The dream of life is really an illusion and everyone lives the reality he or she creates. Now whenever the summit is too high, tell yourself it’s a dream and you can fly.

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