I was trying to find my anti glares everywhere in a hurry of getting late for an online meeting scheduled. I tried finding it everywhere with no sign of its presence around. There came a power cut adding the last straw to my restlessness. Just when that happened, my father came with a torch in his hands. I saw my shadow. Here it is! I got it. There was a indistinct formation of something that looked like specs on my head. I was trying to find it all this time while it was just here. ‘Good the torch helped’, said my dad.


We often try to find what’s wrong with us and what it is that we can’t see that’s stopping us from becoming a better version of ourselves. We all have had a thought of being a finer person at least once in our lives because regardless how cruel this world gets; we all possess a subtle sense of humanity that has kept our world from its end. The power cut lasted five minutes but that incident stayed. Post meeting I couldn’t help but think about the remark my father made. The light of the torch helped? But how can a light so small help me find something I have been looking everywhere in my power? Giving a good thought to the happening I was able to decipher something which can be helpful to people looking for a positive change in their life and I guess, that counts us all in.

Science gives us more outlooks on life as learning than we can ever dream of; it’s really the way we look at it which changes the perspective. It’s flabbergasting to comprehend that a very basic concept of physics explaining the formation of shadows teaches us what we have been searching everywhere else.

“Eyes are always caught by light but shadows have more to say” – Gregory Maguire

A shadow is formed on an opaque surface in darkness when there is a source of light, the light behind us is what we can’t see and it can be as small as that of a torch but can help you find what you haven’t been able to reach because of the dark. Ying and yang ,Your shadows can give you two views , one showing you who you have become, and one showing who you really have become. These perspectives aren’t so different but polls apart. The first one gives confidence in how much you have grown and second giving an insight of your dishonourable side. The darkness in the room will never let you see things through until you let light in.

Opaque surface is just like your willingness to introspect. It’s hard, but it’s clear and very necessary for you to see your outline. It’s difficult to face it sometimes but is required to maintain balance in your life, to know when it’s green and when it’s red. It may or may not be clear just like mine but we all have got the calibre to figure it out, it’s the darkness playing tricks on us, a shadow’s play because at the end of the day, it’s there. Never forget that the dark does not destroy the light, it elucidates it.

You can see your shadow alone in a room or out in the open the choice rests on you. Facing your reality can never be harmful; it just takes courage that’s worth it. It basically breaks myths that we have about us, helping us find the right path to proceed. I know it’s all dark outside but there is always some light which we can’t see clearly, reach out to the light because the truth is that, all the beauty in life is made up of light and shadow.

So, the next time it’s all dark in that room, find the light and define your shadow.

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