You know the value of gold when you feel the metal; it’s not as attractive as other minerals still, prices means nothing when value is everything.


There lived two brothers who started two exact business ventures together; the elder brother sat on his seat and controlled the numbers making sure that the employees work for the profit regardless of what it takes; he was highly ambitious and determined human being. The younger one prioritized human value above anything else and made sure that the employees feel that they have been taken care of. He hardly sat on his seat and made frequent visits to his employees till the shop floor; however, his profits weren’t as high as his brother, he sometimes cut his profit for the well-being of his employees. Five years now, young brother’s company is flourishing while the older one is figuring out a new start up that survives the competition. What do you think caused it?

Mona and Nina were neighbours, Mona waited for Nina everyday under a banyan tree for one hour watching it grow every single day while Nina finished her tuition classes, they used to play at 5 pm daily. One day Nina was surprised to see that Mona wasn’t waiting for her. She looked up towards Mona’s home and saw her crying in the balcony. It must be something big she thought, it has never happened before. What’s wrong Mona? She asked, they cut the tree, Mona said sorrowfully. She is over reacting; Nina thought to herself and left. Why this contrast?

You were very close to your grandfather. Remember when he fell so ill and you woke all night by his side to be there for him in case he needs something? What loved you two shared, a bond inevitable, always together no matter what, Duke’s mother recalled in his grandfather’s funeral. Duke was informed about his grandfather’s demise through a phone call and was asked to fly back to see his poppy for the last time. Flying back all he recalled was years of no calls to his grandfather. I was too busy making my career, that’s what poppy would have wanted. He assured to himself. Everybody was very sad and gave special attention to Duke because his sorrow was implied. He was indeed low-spirited but the reason was not granddad’s passing but the realisation that he was feeling just fine. What do you think made things different now?

It’s Empathy.

Google gives a straight forward definition of empathy “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” however , there exists another perspective which we can view, an explanation with a solution of sorts. Empathy is a feeling we get when we end the physical distance we deliberately create from things, people and situations. It’s really about feeling and seeing things closely in order to understand it’s growth and process to respect and appreciate it which ultimately helps us give due consideration to its side of the story. It is like getting into a war knowing that there is a winner and a loser because you see it for yourself.

Empathising takes effort but is paramount for personal growth and success. The young brother sacrificed temporarily for long lasting bonds, he cared to see them personally and value their lives to understand their side of the story. Then the employees were no longer profit making machines which can exhaust, but in fact stories that mattered to him, the little girl felt the tree closely and valued its growth and purpose which made her understand its story, she understood the loss because she personally felt it and at the end, Duke cut ties to never feel his grandfather’s story again.

Removing this distance is a sign of maturity because it’s a long term process of patience and helps us attain extremely important but highly under rated quality which makes us more human than we are.

Just like gold, we value empathy only when we feel it ourselves. Investment is real gold, in a world full of diamonds. The question is what do you choose?

12 thoughts on “REAL GOLD

  1. Real Gold always be a best choice. It lasts for lifetime whereas diamond is a stone that can be broken. Empathy is a real metal like gold. Thanks you dear for such a beautiful & soulful article. This article brings peace to my mind.

    Keep writing…!!

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    1. Thankyou so much Reader ❤️indeed, that is true. Empathy is a real investment that helps for a life time . I am thrilled to know that you enjoyed it and was able to relate . Will try my best to live up to your expectations 😀

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