A remarkably compelling creation of nature that concludes anything that ventures into it. A black hole is formed when massive stars collapse under their gravity and to consider how the object left behind would behave.


I have been an admirer of Stephen hawking for as long as I can remember, and following his work for a very long time. A BBC interview of this esteemed personality on black holes caught my eye because I draw towards the unexplored.What I ended up exploring was something no scientist would do and I am pleased that I did. So, here I am sharing so that we all learn.

A black hole or a supernova as some would like to call is a dark mass of nothingness and a beautiful work of nature, when we view it from a distance. It’s the point of singularity and the end of time. No one knows what’s inside a black hole but what we know is that it’s a dark black matter with no room for light.

Every phenomena which naturally occurs has a message for the living, it tells us something we should know, as if the supreme power is trying to connect to you from your own good. It’s bewitching when we realize that we knew it all this time but couldn’t reap what we perceive earlier and that’s exactly what I learned while studying a black hole.

The formation of a black hole is symbolic to a toxic human behaviour we must be cautious of. The pride of being the best cut downs a person to a nothing at all because handling ego and sense of being the greatest eventually stops you from learning and that is the time you know nothing.

Beautiful outside, Empty Inside

You will never find a truly respected and successful person boasting their assets and privileges in life in fact, these people will make sure that they lead a normal life, seeing struggles closely and learning a valuable lesson from every single person they encounter daily.

Every successful person who isn’t drowning in pride has one thing in common, and that is being humble. They know that there exists no one who knows it all and thus, they have so much to gain every single day. They shine like stars because a great man is always willing to be little.
The stars which collapse in their own gravity are like the people who are full of themselves, which ultimately make them fall in life. When these stars collapse, they are completely ignorant of the light of knowledge and learning because they have an empty void in them which is full of darkness they carry for others.

We must understand that these collapsed stars appear extremely beautiful from a distance but they are a mass of nothingness inside, empty and hungry for nothing, these people have no reason to go on because we live to learn.

Remember when you were so confident about something, and so sure that you have done better than others but actually ruined it for yourself? We all have been there and it’s okay to feel that way but never become that fallen star because that hole will be there to stay.

Knowing nothing is wisdom at the end of the day. So, the next time you think, you know it all.


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  1. Connecting black hole concept with human behaviour has really conveyed the message,you are trying to pass on. Keep on writing good articles.

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