Part of a mourning dove I was,
She flapped her wings,
Forsake me in no time,
I’m useless now, I thought,
Coming to an end is all I’ve got

Flowing with the winds,
Searching ways to end,
Landed on a balcony,
Saw a man hitting his wife,
Pointless I felt, couldn’t save her life,
Nothing she said like it’s her fate,
Stop! I protested he didn’t listen,
Finally, the son came rushing, finding courage,
Thank god! I sighed in relief,
Stop or I’ll kill you, he said trembling,
Going to slap his child, retaliating,
That mother stopped him and stood for herself,
She found courage,

I Flew

Sat on a tree,
Looking into a window, happy couple,
Some love, some hope I see,
Phone rang he was frightened,
Asked her to shush,
Picked and said ‘I’ll pick Sandra from school,
Will be back for our anniversary soon’,
I Love you she said like she meant it,
He Hung up,
I love you, said his regret
He cried,

I Flew

After an hour,
Resting on a slab,
Looking towards a lady, all sweaty and pale,
Is this a rat kill I see!
She put a few drops in the tea,
Saw someone coming,
An old lady I see, ‘You are not my daughter-in-law
But a daughter to me I am sorry she said
is this tea for me?
No it’s stale she replied immediately
They hugged,

I Flew

Finally reached a hostel I suppose,
A teenager caught my eye,
Happy in a strange way, observed every action he made,
Ready and suited up as if going on a date,
Looking towards a letter, Love letter said my poor judgement,
Things changed unexpectedly,
He took a rope, I’m lonely said the wall,
Just when about to hang, His parents arrived,
Happy Birthday! They exclaimed,
He stopped,

I Flew

It’s a long journey today,
I am just a feather,
Can life be so ugly is all I could gather,
A huge lake, my chance to drown,
To finish my existence,
Why can’t I do it now?
What changed my mind?

Part of a dream catcher I am now,
With some friends and an existence that counts,
Often wonder what stopped me,
HOPE, that it will be fine,
The wind whispered.


45 thoughts on “THE LONG JOURNEY

  1. Beautiful message conveyed by the blog , it has both dark and soothing shades . I have to say it was beautifully written you are very talented keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well composed poem dear Lavanya, as a reader I was hoping for the best at the end of each stanza..very sensitive to the situations around and all that we can do is hope for the best for each one..Continue your work ..All d best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Reader . I am glad you liked my work and I was able to live up to your expectations, will try my best to continue to do so. Yes very true, hope is all we have got


  3. Professional feel to the writing ❤️. Unfortunately the poem represents undisguised reality, very real and touching. Lavanya, excellent. 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful heart touching composition. Hope is what we all need in current scenario and you have framed it in a way taking all situations very very close to reality. Excellent and beautifully created. Will eagerly wait for many more posts like this. Really superb.

    Liked by 2 people

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