Few years ago, I developed a keen interest on the topic of Time Travel after reading a book called ‘Time Machine’ by H.G Wells. Once we start thinking about travelling through time, it tends to capture our heart and mind in fascination of its possibility and what if we can do it for ourselves!


This blog isn’t a science fiction, instead an attempt to make you understand life through special relativity theory. So, what is this theory all about? Well, as NASA Quotes in one of its articles on time travel, it says that ‘space and time are really aspects of the same thing’, time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move in respect of something else.

The point here I am trying to make is that regardless of this great piece of work by Albert Einstein and as luring as it sounds, its practically impossible to travel through time without splitting the atoms of your body, with 0.01% chance of flowing through time and coming back in one piece to the time dimension you belong to.

So my friends, WHATS DONE IS DONE but interestingly enough we all are flowing through time. I have moved a day forward and so have you, of course we can’t see time because it’s not a visible dimension in our world but it’s there and we all are travelling through time, at a speed of 1 second per second or precisely we are in the present moment at all times.

So, what if we use this time we have wisely, to not fall in bitterness later. I strongly believe in the view of connecting the dots, and that we understand what happened to us by doing so, it’s basically a silent way to vouch that whatever happens, happens for a greater good but what if I tell you, that in this moment you can create memory which you can cherish or regret later, the moments which we take for granted like talking to our parents rudely for caring too much, just because we had a fight with our friend and we wanted to burst our temper somewhere or not offering help to that physically challenged vagabond when we wanted to, just because we were in a hurry for a party or not spending enough time with grandparents and realising it when it’s too late or taking that puff of smoke to look cool in friends, when you now suffer from breathing problems or not standing and feeling the grass beneath your shoes completely barefoot ,when now you crave to take time out of your busy life to rejuvenate .

This list can go endless until we stop taking things for granted by choosing, speaking and acting wisely.

I was once going through a short story about a man, who asked a wealthy businessman in a conversation in a corporate conference that what is that he regrets the most in his life, he told him that he regrets never making to his son’s hockey games and his daughter’s dance recitals. That man smiled because even though, his net worth is equal to that wealthy man’s last pay check but he made it to everything and his children always smile and wave to him during practice and game days.

Just like space and time’s relation in relativity theory, the time we regret is in relation to the choices we make and the farther we are from how we wish a moment should have been the more we are stuck in that time as if it’s moving very slowly for us. Keeping it simple , in life all choices are controlled by us, so we can either be judicious or be sorry about it later.

Few years from now, nothing will matter except the choices we made and what we could have done to make it any better. In your hearts you already know it don’t you?


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