In my 21 years of existence I have seen things, known things ,it’s astonishing how we know it all but still don’t.

HEY THERE IT’S IRIS, I was wondering what it was like seeing the world from above, to see every human being from far above the ground level , surprisingly imagining this sight was more thought provoking to me than inspiring. I see a veil on our faces, one which we have deliberately put in front of our faces.

We know it all but pretend as if we are innocent. We know exactly how this world works, how filthy rich and strong people win over the weak and timid ones ,through corruption we all seem to hate but just quietly have accepted it ,as just how the world works because if given a chance ,we sign up for this demoralized evil called Corruption. We pretend to be practicing secularism and still divide our home from others in the name of religion ,by choosing everything above humanity.

We all are aware of the everlasting craze of social media , but we still let it in even after in our heart of hearts we know , how life was better, Youth was progressive and children were innocent without it. How unwise can we be to criticize someone else on leaving their parents , when we ourselves have spent days without asking them how are they!

Posting pictures with beautiful captions about living the moment, when all we cared about that moment was to get that one perfect picture for our Instagram. Appreciating classic beauty for its simplicity but mocking that one girl in your class, who doesn’t live up to high beauty standards of today.

Probably our generation was the last one to witness some genuineness, but how sad is that, we know it all, we see it all yet ignore it. Don’t you think life was better when Simon-pure was a thing?

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